We are experts in automating business processes with AI.

We empower companies by saving time and reducing costs

They are already saving time with our automations

Our Solutions

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Use Artificial Intelligence to automate the reading and uploading of receipts, improving efficiency and reducing errors

009 online


Perform data reconciliations and comparisons in seconds, allowing you to focus on resolving differences and making informed decisions

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Automate any business process with our combination of RPA and AI, ensuring a return on investment in less than a year

By automating, you achieve


free up time

Delegating repetitive tasks to robots

Gain better benefits

Reduce errors and opportunity costs


Avoid errors

Prevent human error, maximize quality

24/7 Productivity

Robots don’t rest and prevent bottlenecks

Stand out from the competition

Stay ahead of your competitors with AI + RPA

Combat burnout

Eliminate tasks that frustrate your team

53% of time is wasted on operational and administrative tasks

Delegate tasks to Digital Workforce and start
reclaiming your time

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Why TheEye?

001 speedometer


From zero to automated in weeks

With our own methodology and a senior team, achieve rapid development

002 money bag

Return on Investment

ROI within a year

We empower your company with focus on the business

003 ai

Artificial Intelligence

Driven by AI

We provide more powerful and extensive automations

004 open source

Proprietary Technology

Validated by Globant

We develop our own technology, OpenSource and without vendor lock-in

005 data security


Your data is protected

Our solutions are supported by banks and multinational companies. We have ISO certification

006 time management

We are 4x4

We can automate any task

We adapt automation to any process and system

Among our strategic allies are:

How do we boost your business?
It’s simple!

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1. Discovery

We explore and identify the best processes to automate

2. Implementation

We start with processes with the highest ROI and shortest development time

3. Evaluation

We measure the results achieved and compare them against the defined ones

4. Transformation

Done! Your company starts to empower itself with automation

Imagine a world without repetitive tasks,
with your team free and motivated to focus on what really matters

At TheEye we make we make that world a reality

You’re just one click away from achieving it



J. Pablo Bouchard | DTO

TheEye is a key player in the execution of the process automation roadmap, identifying the best processes focused on business needs and return on investment.


Daniel F. | Analyst

The service is excellent. The implementation time was short, achieving the automation of an important process for us.


Juan C. | CEO

TheEye is an option that covers almost infinite scopes. The team focuses on a simple modality to understand the exact scope of clients' needs and provide the ideal solution.


Martín Pablo | Manager

It allowed us to automate manual processes that consumed many hours of analysts.

Start being more efficient
Automate your processes with AI

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