TheEye is a platform for business process automation

We boost the human talent by automating repetitive tasks ❤️

Learn how RPA + AI Process Automation can help your collaborators

Discover how our low-code platform can help your developers become more efficient


Increase productivity

Delivery de procesos en tiempo récord.


Decrease human errors

Delivery de procesos en tiempo récord.

Reduce costs

Delivery de procesos en tiempo récord.

Improve the working environment

Delivery de procesos en tiempo récord.

Avoid process bottlenecks

Delivery de procesos en tiempo récord.


Free up time

Optimize your profits.

Up to now we have achieved:

icono Save money

Save +18M USD

icono Save time

Free up to 340K hours

icono robot

+547 automations

Automate your business and begin saving time for what really matters:

Automate your business and begin saving time for what really matters:

Our platform is developed in Argentina, we are the leading company in Latin America and we continue to expand worldwide.

We are already doing business in Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

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Among our strategic allies are:
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“Globant has also validated our technology and invested in our solution.”

TheEye has been integrated with several business systems like:

Integración con SAP
Integración con Oracle
Integración con Calipso api
Integración con Totvs
Integración con Microsoft
Integración con service now
Integración con Google
Integración con Odoo
Integración con Slack
Integración con Emerix api
Integración con SGM Trade
Integración con Nosis
Integración con Afip
Integración con Sistemas Esco Api
Integración con Teams Microsoft
Integración con Outlook
Integración con Power BI
Integración con Gmail
Integración con Google chat logo
Integración con Sise Api

Looking for another one? If it has Api it's free!

They trust us too


J. Pablo Bouchard | DTO

TheEye is a key player in the execution of the process automation roadmap, identifying the best processes focusing on business need and return on investment.


Pablo S. | Partner

Time optimization in repetitive processes.


Juan C. | CEO

The Eye is an option that covers almost infinite scopes.


Martín Pablo | Gerente

It allowed us to automate manual processes that demanded many hours of analysts' time.


Daniel F. | Analista

The service is really good. The implementation time was short and we were able to automate an essential process for us.

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