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Scalable and adaptable process automation for your business

Human talent will be boosted by automating repetitive tasks ❤️

What do we do?

We develop software robots to free you from those time wasting tasks that do not add any value to the business and save that time to achieve your goals.

Which are the benefits you get from business process automation?

Increase productivity

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Decrease human errors

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Reduce costs

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Improve the working environment

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Avoid process bottlenecks

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Achieve your goals

Optimize your profits.

Some of the tasks you can automate with us are:

TheEye Automatización de correos electrónicos

Email management:

In addition to automating the sending and receiving of emails, you can actively listen to a mailbox, analyze incoming emails and attachments, and trigger other actions according to set rules.

Invoice uploading or information entry:

This solution receives your supplier invoices, and automatically recognizes and extracts data from them.

If required, it requests an operator to manually review the file through the Tagger module and automatically loads the information into the management system your company has.

TheEye Carga de facturas e/o informes
Conciliaciones TheEye


This automation receives information from different media sources (mail, shared directories, etc.), comparing them and delivering the results as a report or updating the management systems. They can be banking, credit cards, payment portals, or more specific reconciliations such as tax reconciliations. (withholdings and perceptions, etc.).

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Automate your business and begin saving time for what really matters

So far:

icono Save money

Save 4.32M USD

icono Save time

Free up to 172.800 hours

icono robot

523 automations

Our platform is developed in Argentina, we are the leading company in Latin America and we continue to expand worldwide.

We are already doing business in Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

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Among our strategic allies are:
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“Globant has also validated our technology and invested in our solution.”

Robotic Automation of Processes using Artificial Intelligence

Software robots are the allies you need for your employees digital evolution and company growth.

TheEye is the orchestrator and interface

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Manage your entire digital workforce to work side-by-side with human contributors, highlighting their talent.

Robot TheEye - Áreas: Administración, Compras, Finanzas y Contabilidad

Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Finance

Use RPA in:

– Reports automation.

– Risk profiling.

– Reconciliations.

– Invoices processing.

– Taxes automation.

– Regulatory compliance.

– Mail operations automation.

Robot TheEye - Áreas: Operaciones y ventas

Operations and Sales

Use RPA in:

– Chatbot integration.
– Discount and commision reports.
– Reports Automation.
– Price formation.
– Trading Bots.
– PIM (Product Information Management).
– Debt collection.
– Mail operations automation.

Robot TheEye - Áreas: Recursos Humanos

Human Resources:

Use RPA in:

– Onboarding.

– Accounting controls.

– Reports Automation.

– Mail operations automation.

Robot TheEye - Áreas: Legales y Riesgo

 Legal and Risk

Use RPA in:

– Report automations.

– Report of judges states.

– Compliance audit.

– Mail operations automation.

Robot TheEye - Áreas: Tecnología


Use RPA in:

– BPMs (Business Process Management System).

– Integrate legacy software with:
     · Newer systems.
     · Chatbots.
     · Business Intelligence.

– Mail operations automation.



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