How do I get TheEye?

As an anual or monthly subscription. We also provide consultancy and development, please contact us for getting a customized quote

What kind of companies can benefit from TheEye?

Any kind. No matter the company's size or activity.

Do you have a demo, so I can effectively evaluate if it's the right tool for me/my business?

Yes! You can use the free online demo. Register (it's free) with an email. When you login you'll get the step-by-step tutorial, which will guide you to your first automations so you can play around with bots.
You can also get in contact with us and, together, evaluate some high efficiency cost/quality automation for your business/IT processes.

What's the implementation process like?

Toghether, we evaluate automation cases and then select a high impact bundle of them. We only charge for ad hoc development needed to cover your particular implementation. As part of the implementation process we include capacitation for your company's resources so they become part of the digital transformation. Once implemented you get a 6 months bonification of the platform.

Who can setup the tool?

TheEye setup (aka: "building the remote control") requires IT knowledge such as devops and scripting. We offer assistance as a service, or you can navigate through the docs.

What kind of user is TheEye intended for?

The platform is designed to be powerful for the tech savvy and simple for the end user.

How many user do I get?

Depends on the selected licensing. For SAAS and Enterprise the initial number of users is 15.

What are the implementation options for TheEye?

Depending on your needs, TheEye can be used like SAAS or OnPremise

What OS are supported? What are the minimum requirements? What is the technology backing TheEye?

Bots run on linux (kernel +3.x.x) or windows 64 bits 2008+
Running OnPremise needs at least 2 cores, 2GB de RAM y 40GB de disk space, For HA solutions the recommended is a 3x multiplier of those values and a 2x multiplier is considered the minimum.
TheEye is developed on NodeJS for backend and backbone for the UX. It uses mongodb for data storage, redis for cache and elastic for history collection and event analysis.
The whole solution is implemented with Docker.

What kind of support do you offer? What's the available documentation?

According to client needs, we offer remote and onsite support.
You can also talk to us on slack.
or check the online docs here..

What kind of daily tasks can be handled with TheEye?

  • Scheduled activities like batch processes
  • Nested monitors alerting only when a set of criteria is met, like simultaneous failures.
  • Workflows: a series of tasks (even approvals) fired upon returned states. Workflows can relaunch themselves on errors or even pick up at specific steps of the flow.
  • Keep scripting/operations/documentation centrilized. Once automated, your processes keep updated documentation on the platform.
  • Automation of manual processes, desktop/web tasks, API and system integrations.

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